Our Mission

It should be easy to have fun outside.

The top three barriers that we identified to getting outside are lack of:


We recommend our guides provide gear, or provide information on how to easily rent it.


Individuals can book solo or in groups to network with outdoor enthusiasts.


Courses to introduce people to every outdoor sport led by adventure guides.

We worked with our community of outdoor enthusiasts and came up with a plan to remove all the friction to getting outside and living vibrantly.

How we provide unlimited access to adventure.

To overcome the barrier of transportation we connect our participants to help organize carpooling. We also organize trips that are accessible by public transit.

Money can also be a constraint for many. We help by organizing many free events for our community including hikes and clinics such as intro to backcountry.

There’s one more barrier that we identified in making it easy to have fun outside and that’s lack of time. We understand that there are only so many hours in the day and family, kids, work, health, career and others surprises that life throws at us can catch up. But at the end of the day, we all have the same amount of time and we choose how we spend it. The true barrier for not having time for outdoor adventure is not making outdoor adventure a big enough priority in our lives for us to make time for it.

The true barrier is not time, but rather, lack of inspiration. We can help with that.

Each adventure aims to bring two activities together at a great location to enhance the experience.

A (movement based activity) + B (destination based activity) at X (location) = Epic Local Authentic Adventure

For example:
  • Snowshoe and swim at a Snow Surrounded Natural Spa in the Squamish Backcountry
  • Telemark Ski and Igloo making at Mt. Seymour Backcountry
  • Sunrise Hike and Yoga on top of The Chief
  • Hike and Slacklining at Upper Shannon Falls