About Us

Creating a world of unlimited access to adventure through unique experiences led by qualified guides.

Guiides is an effort to increase access to outdoor adventure with the intent that people are more likely to be mindful of nature and care about our environment once they experience it.

We provide a frictionless online experience of discovering adventures and booking a local guide to take you there.

When I graduated high school, my friend talked me out of going to university and into backpacking Australia with him for six month. Only three weeks into our trip, on a warm night in Surfers Paradise, we met a family who brought us into their house and hosted us. It was incredible how we were on the other side of the world, but all of a sudden, a part of this tight knight community. We would wake up in the morning and go for sunrise surf trips with the dad or bike trips with our neighbours.

When I came home from this trip of a lifetime I watched Rachel Botsman’s TED Talk on The Rise of Collaborative Consumption. Rachel’s talk was on the rise of the so-called “sharing economy” and made me completely redefine what I view as wealth, from what I own, to what I have access to. The talk made me redefine wealth from where I live to what type of community I am a part of. From what I do for a living to what I do to make a life worth living. And lastly, I redefined wealth from objects to experiences.

I learned that the world is in a bit of an environmental mess right now. We have a garbage patch twice the size of Texas in our Pacific Ocean with more animals going extinct than in the entire history of the earth. I knew there had to be something we could do.

Through directing a film series on the sharing economy I discovered the incredible power that we have as consumers in shifting our society away from a culture of hyper-consumption and ownership to a culture of interdependence and access. I thought that if people had easy access to experiencing nature they would be more likely to take care of it.

A community came together and we launched a website for people to rent outdoor equipment off of locals. This was similar to Airbnb but for outdoor gear such as kayaks canoe, stand up paddle boards and camping equipment. We empowered people to get outside and live vibrantly without having to go out and buy an item every time they needed access to one.

Despite our efforts there was still friction involved that was stopping people to get outside though. Lack of gear was only one of six major barriers to getting outside (gear, network, skill, cost, transportation and time).

I couldn’t help but imagine a world where everywhere you go, you have a sense of belonging in outdoor adventure without any of the barriers or friction holding us back. Imagine a world where you can connect with local certified guides that make it easy to get us outside living vibrantly. Where we can discover unique adventures that we can experience on our own accord. Well you don’t have to imagine, because it was with that dream that a community came together and created Guiides.

We provide a frictionless online experience of discovering adventures and booking a local guide to take you there.

I simply can’t imagine a better way to connect the world and nature in a more powerful way than on your own accord. Sure, we provide top-level guides and unforgettable adventures, but at the core of adventure travel is people experiencing the freedom of movement on their own terms.

Daniel Dubois
Founder, Guiides